Episode 43: Megan Saunders

Megan Saunders is a songwriter that grew up in Vermont but now resides in Chattanooga. She plays a variety of different string instruments including the guitar and banjo. Her band includes Jason Reed on guitar and Jonathan McWilliams on upright bass. Megan has released two albums and has played all over the US. She has won several national awards for singing and composing, including the Song of the Year award for songwriting in the American genre. This episode gives an up close and touching look into where Saunders came from and where she's going, both personally and as an artist. Listen at www.openmicspotlight.com or on most podcast platforms like GooglePlay and iTunes.

Thank you to Trenton Romanini for mixing this episode. For all you industry recording and mixing needs, visit TRoMixedThat.com.

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